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CarAIBOX 2in1 Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wireless Android Auto Box For Car Radio with Wired CarPlay

CarAIBOX 2in1 Wireless CarPlay Dongle Wireless Android Auto Box For Car Radio with Wired CarPlay

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The function of this product is to convert the original wired Carplay/Android Auto into wireless Carplay/Android Auto.

Note before buying

1. Please make sure your original car has OEM CarPlay, This product is suitable for 98% of cars with original wired Carplay. BMW, Tesla and some models are not compatible. If you are not sure. You can contact customer service to inquire.

2. For Carplay, it supports iPhone 6 and above models, and the software version is iOS 10 or above.

3. For Android Auto, it supports Android 11 and above models. Note that Huawei mobile phones are special. Huawei devices have their own mobile operating system - EMUI. Unfortunately, Android auto wireless does not support EMUI.


1. Wired to wireless CarPlay adapter, say goodbye to wires. USB plug-and-play installation, stable and fast, no need to remove OEM radio

2. It can be connected automatically after the first successful connection.

3. OTA online software update.

4. Certified 5Ghz WiFi module, providing a faster and better wireless experience.


1. How to confirm whether my car is compatible?

The following requirements must be met to use this product:

Your car radio is original

Your car has wired Carplay or wired Android auto

BMW, Tesla and other models are not compatible. If you are not sure, you can ask customer service before purchasing.

2. Why can’t my Android phone connect to Carplay?

Android phones support Android auto, and Apple phones can use Carplay. Note that if you have a Huawei phone, you cannot use Android auto either.

3. Why is there a slight delay in the sound during use of the product?

Any product connected via Bluetooth will experience delays. This is a normal phenomenon. You can also improve it in the following aspects:

Turn off redundant Bluetooth devices. There are too many wireless devices around, and unnecessary frequency signals will interfere with the product’s link.

Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth

4. Why can’t my wireless Android auto connect properly?

For Android system phones with lower versions of Android 9 or Android 10, if you cannot find Android auto in Google services, you can download an Android auto software.

Please confirm that the Bluetooth and WiFi of your phone are turned on. Android auto needs to use Bluetooth connection and WiFi to transfer data.

Please confirm that the original car Bluetooth has been ignored on the mobile phone. If there are other Bluetooth connections, they need to be disconnected first.

Please confirm that the product’s Bluetooth is not occupied by other devices. If you have used other devices to connect to the product’s Bluetooth, please disconnect first and try again.

Huawei phones and Honor phones cannot use Android auto.

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